& exclusive showband

Dima Sirota is a successful European artist.

He is a great perfectionist in his role as a artist and band leader.

His desire is to achieve new musical dimensions at sophisticated events with his professionalism.

Due to his long-term experience with different cultures at different events (gala events, private celebrations, store openings, business parties, weddings, birthdays etc.), he had the opportunity to get to know a lot of people.

Each person is unique and has specific ideas of his party; therefore it is not helpful to work with a standard program. That is why he developed a concept that can be perfectly tailored to any customer and his desires:

Dima Sirota works with some of Europe's finest artists that can be chosen for any special event. This allows for a composition of an individual show band – according to the preferences of the event organizer.

The goal is to individually commit to any customer needs and to assist in the planning of the musical entertainment. Obviously, it is much more fun for the show band when the audience enjoys their music and celebrates without any restrains. Therefore, the right organization guarantees a profitable give and take for everyone

You can get to know Dima Sirota as a solo artist here… (www.dimasirota.com)

„Music is the way to endless love …“Dima Sirota

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Show Band

«DIMA SIROTA & EXCLUSIVE SHOWBAND» presents you more 33 famous European professional artists with a different international music style background each.

Create your personalized show band with «DIMA SIROTA & EXCLUSIVE SHOWBAND» according to your ideas and possibilities. Between 3 and 15 artists can be booked for an event.

You have the choice between some of the best artists in Europe – singers, saxophonists, violinists, guitarists, pianists, drummers, dancers, hosts…

These artists work at the highest level and perform with extraordinary virtuosity each on its own in their international styles. This allows you to put together an individual show band – completely according to your preferences. Whether you wish for a small band or a big show band, everything is possible here.

Dima Sirota and «Dima Sirota & exclusive ShowBand» offer you the opportunity to put together your show band individually. This way we guarantee that you can stage your party or celebration at your convenience, classically romantic or with a rock music appeal – there are no limits to make your private celebration, store opening, business party, wedding or birthday unforgettable for you and your guests. Every person is unique and has specific ideas for his party. Therefore, it is simply not enough to offer the same standard program to everyone.

We have known our artists for a while and we are aware of their versatility at any event. Apart from talent, professionalism and discipline, the visual part, language skills, style, dynamics and personality are very important to us.

We have created a concept that allows you to remain maximally individual and makes it possible for us to put together something different than just the standard presentation, process and show band as well as show program for you. The final result should not be compared to other performances of the show band because we want to design your celebration individually – not better or worse; it should be your unique celebration.

That's why we ask you to share your wishes regarding your wedding. What is especially important for you? What kind of music are you listening to? We look forward to your ideas because we value quality over quantity at personal and unique events like that. We would like to take enough time and enchant your party with our Exclusive ShowBand according to your wishes.

Treat yourself and your guests to a unique experience full of joy, love and maximum professionalism.

Individuality, perfection and love are our strengths.


DIMA SIROTA & exclusive ShowBand


  • Dima Sirota
  • Olga Rich
  • Julia Woods
  • Nadja
  • Sergey Dubrovin
  • Lenny Pojarov
  • Ulli Avrora
  • Nica
  • Julia Yes
  • Artem
  • Ova Steel
  • Simon Novsky
  • Michael
  • Micha
  • Moti
  • Sigi
  • Dima Akzent
  • Eugen Waigandt
  • Ulf Striker
  • Oleg Jakushev
  • Anton Nasonov
  • Olga Amelchenko
  • Akos Luky
  • Konstantin
  • Max Begun
  • Alexey Krjukov
  • Pavel
  • Vitaly Zolotov
  • Goran Vuic
  • Slava Svedov
  • Michal
  • Vialina
  • Peza Boutnari



Project «Dima Sirota & exclusive ShowBand» is presenting you with a choice more of 10 hosts (Tamada).

All artists have been selected according to certain criteria to meet different customer needs. A criterion is for instance the language. However, the special part is that you can choose from different anchoring styles.

Every person is unique and has specific ideas of his party. Therefore, it is simply not enough to offer the same standard program to everyone.

You surely already have an idea what your party should look like and want us to meet your expectations completely.p>

This will always be our starting point. We want to get to know you personally in order to be guided by your wishes, ideas and possibilities; we offer you 2-3 contacts of hosts suitable "for you" and put together the right band or show program together "with you".

We have known our hosts for a while and we are aware of their versatility at weddings. Apart from talent, professionalism and discipline, the visual part, language skills, a sense of humor, style, dynamics and personality are very important to us. We have created a concept that allows you to remain maximally individual and makes it possible for us to put together something different than just the standard presentation, process and show program for you. The final result (process and scenario) should not be compared to other events because we want to design your celebration individually – not better or worse; it should be your unique celebration.

That's why we ask you to share your wishes regarding your wedding. What is especially important for you? You want to have a certain wedding style? For example, “Great Gatsby style”, “Royal Wedding”, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or any other individual wish? ☺ Everything is possible here!

We look forward to your ideas because we value quality over quantity at personal and unique events like that. We would like to take enough time and enchant your party with our Exclusive Show Band according to your wishes.


DIMA SIROTA & Exclusive ShowBand

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  • Tandem "Ha-Ha-House"
  • Anastasia
  • Lena May
  • Elena
  • Boris
  • Tatyana
  • Janette
  • Galina


  • Andy
  • DJ Artem
  • Knis Alex
  • DJ Suharev
  • DJ Jur
  • DJ Cab

Show acts

Project «Dima Sirota & exclusive ShowBand» make your party complete with enchanting show acts such as a Latin American dance show or a spectacular fire light show. You will achieve the absolute "WOW" effect with the performance of a prominent singer at your unique event.

Our team will be happy to put together an individual, perfectly tailored show program for you.


DIMA SIROTA & exclusive ShowBand

  • Michel Jeckson Show
  • Show Ballet & Walking Acts Show
  • Igor Epstein (Violine Show)
  • Vialina (Violine Show)
  • Aleks Veksler (Leser Violine)
  • Travesti Show - Shantey Project
  • Gospel Show
  • Trasformation Show
  • Soap bubbles Show
  • Drums Show


From this year project «Dima Sirota & exclusive ShowBand» will give you the unique opportunity to order CELEBRITIES for your celebration. You choose a celebrity that you prefer and we, in turn, take care of all organizational aspects.

Inviting a celebrity helps you to create an enchanting culmination for your celebration! Our agency will invite a celebrity to both corporate events and private parties. For us, nothing is impossible. We will get any star from the Russian or international celebrity sky!

Invite a celebrity to your party – so easy with us!

We are doing the impossible possible!

Perfection through love

DIMA SIROTA & exclusive ShowBand

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  • Sergey Dubrovin
  • Dima Sirota
  • Nica
  • NaNa
  • Simon Novsky
  • Bad boys blue
  • Konstantin Rittel-Kobylianski



Show Band

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2: Dima Sirota exclusive Showband live on stage
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3: Dima Sirota & ShowBand in Fantissima Phantasia Land 2013
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4: Julia Esaulkov -Traung
Loading the player...
5: Аleх Сarrington & Big Band
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6: Simon Novsky & Band (live)
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7: Dima Sirota on Tour - Ярмарка Земляков 2014
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8: Live Band Promo Video
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9: Ain't nobody - NICA (LIVE)
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1: Тандем _Ха-Ха-Хауз_ - Сава & Иван
Loading the player...
2: Irina Fot
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Show Acts

1: Michael Jackson Show Trailer
Loading the player...
2: Igor Epstein - Bei mir bist du schoen
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3: Gospel Show - I will follow him
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4: Gospel Show - Oh Happy
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4: SANOSTRA FACE IT - New Show Trailer
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5: Seifenblasen Show 1
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8: Seifenblasen Show 2
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6: Transformation Show
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1: Ах какая женщина Сергей Дубровин песня года 1996
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Loading the player...
3: Nana - Remember The Time (DJ Nejtrino & DJ Stranger Remix)
Loading the player...
4: Dima Sirota Послушай 5: Dima Sirota Confession
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6: Nica & Joe - Build A Palace (Official Video)
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7: Nica & Joe - Elevated (live) EUROVISION
Loading the player...
7: Simon Novsky newwafe
Loading the player...
8: Konstantin Rittel-Kobylianski - Be my love
Loading the player...
9: Lenny Pojarov - Мама (for mama) - official video
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11: Lenny Pojarov - Club Sounds
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VIDEO with private access


Live Auftritte

Fotoshuting Fotos



  • Weddings
  • Birthdays & Anniversary
  • Business celebration
  • Bar Mitzva & Bat Mitzvah
  • Club & Disco performances
  • Solo concerts

Obligation and individual advice in all organizational matters.


DIMA SIROTA & exclusive Showband


We as well as You truly want Your celebration to be perfect in the smallest details, so that the memories of it warm Your hearts for a long time after it. For that to become true We want to offer You a cooperation with our partners - bonafide professionals.

We as well as You truly want Your celebration to be perfect in the smallest details, so that the memories of it warm Your hearts for a long time after it. For that to become true We want to offer You a cooperation with our partners - bonafide professionals.

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Dima Sirota & exclusive Show Band

This rider is the manifestation of all necessary conditions for the organization of concerts by the artist «Dima Sirota».
Starting with the reception of the rider presented, you will have 7 (seven) days to discuss it. In the course of 7 (seven) days you will keep the right to book the concert for the dates in question.
If all of the conditions of the rider at hand can be fulfilled on your side, after 7 (seven) days you are obligated to make a deposit fee of the agreed amount and to return a signed copy of the rider. Only after you paid the deposit fee you will get the right to host the concert.
If you will not inform us about our decision within 7 (seven) days, the reservation for the concert hosting within the agreed dates and the indicated location will be withdrawn. This opportunity can then be presented to third parties.

Signing the rider, the organizer guarantees that he is aware of every page and every clause!

If you will not be able to fulfill any of the conditions within the rider due to any problem, you will have to inform the group immediately. All amendments and additions to the existing rider will have to be presented in written form after approval by both sides within an attachment.

§ 1. Duration and organizational moments of the performance

  1. The start / end / duration of the performance by the artist «DIMA SIROTA» has to be discussed in advance and is planned individually prior to any performance.
  2. The organizer has to guarantee that the performance will not be interrupted by a local curfew, behavior rules for the event or anything comparable.
  3. The type of performance and the artistic design of the event exclusively underlay the artists’ responsibility.
  4. The artist is obliged to start the performance on time.

§ 2. Payment

  1. The deposit fee in its discussed entirety has to be transferred to the bank account indicated at the end of the rider.
    The deposit fee protects each side from the possible withdrawal of the other side and thus proves the sincerity of both partners in terms of the contract. Therefore, the deposit fee is not to be returned.
  2. A full honorary is to be paid in cash to the artists or their representative immediately prior to the beginning of the performance. The honorary is to be paid independent of the event’s success. The honorary is not subject to taxation on the client’s side but is to be taxed on the artists side.

§ 3. Accommodation

  1. If an overnight stay is required, the organizer has to provide and finance the accommodation of artists, group representatives and technical assistants.
    250 km outside of Düsseldorf, one night is required.
    450 km outside of Düsseldorf, two nights are required.
    800 km outside of Düsseldorf, a flight and at least two nights are required.
  2. The accommodation has to be provided in a highest category hotel. The amount of rooms includes 1-2 deluxe suits (for the lead singers), one-bed rooms (as agreed upon), the amount depends on the group composition.
  3. Every room has to be equipped with a national phone line and free Wi-Fi, hot and cold water, satellite or cable TV, air conditioning or heater (dependent on the season) and other commonly expected comfort.
  4. All rooms have to be located within the direct reach of each other. Group accommodation in different hotels or hotels that are under construction is unacceptable. In all rooms, the availability of mineral water inside of the fridge is mandatory.
  5. The hotel has to be within the direct reach of the location of the event (maximum distance 5-10 km).

§ 4. Transportation

  1. The event organizer has to carry the full cost for transportation both ways and the transfer of the artists from the airport/train station to the hotel.
  2. The organizer is responsible for the on-time arrival of the group to the departure point (airport/train station etc.).
  3. Transportation abroad:
    a) In case of a concert abroad, the organizer or his representative has to meet the group.
    b) Transportation in the city:
    It is necessary to provide transportation to be at full disposal of the group for the whole duration of the group’s stay in your city – a foreign branded automobile, a corporate minivan with room for eight passenger seats and a Mercedes Sprinter minibus for the instruments.
    All vehicles have to be clean inside and outside.

§ 5. Food

  1. The organizer has to provide three daily meals to the group and catering within the area as such.
    Artists have to have access to food and drinks upon their arrival at the hotel and at the time of the sound checks as well as during and after the performance.
    Aртистам обеспечивается еда и питъе при прибытии к отэлю, также во время сауд-чек, во время и после выступления.

    a) The group has the right to decide upon the quantity and quality of the meals offered.
    b) The menu has to be varied and include meet, fish and vegetarian dishes.
    c) Breakfast has to take place at the hotel only and include the following:
    - dairy products.
    - light snacks.
    - sandwiches (including vegetarian options).
    - porridge or cereal (if desired by the group).
    - fruit, juices, tea, coffee, mineral water.
    d) Dinner has to include the following:
    - salads (see lunch).
    - appetizers (see lunch).
    e) Main course (see lunch).
    - fruit.
    - dessert.
    - juices (see lunch).
    - mineral water (see lunch).
    - tea, coffee (unlimited).
  2. For the food intake, plastic or paper dishes and silverware cannot be used.


  1. Prior to the concert/event the group has to conduct a sound check (at least 3-4 hours are required before the audience/guests are allowed to enter the location). None of the audience or the personnel not involved in the organization of the concert is allowed to be at the spot at that time.
  2. If the group is arriving one day before the concert/event, the sound check will be conducted one day before the concert/event.
  3. If the organizer takes care of the technical equipment of the location, the organizer guarantees full disposition and tuning of the sound and light equipment at the beginning of the group’s rehearsal.
  4. In case of technical insufficiency within the hall/concert stage, the group cannot be held responsible for any delay of the concert start.
  5. The organizer has to provide professional, high-quality sound and light equipment and instruments that have to be checked with regards to specifications and approved by the technical director not later than 2 (two) weeks prior to the concert date.
  6. Sound and light equipment has to comply with the attached specification to the maximum extent (technical rider).
  7. If the artists agree to take care of the technical equipment, the organizer has to take care of a sufficient amount of electrical connections on stage and a sufficient Ampere tension, in accordance with the technical rider. Minimum 4 connections (grounded separately) with 32 Ampere each.
  8. If artists agree to take care of the technical equipment, the organizer is obligated to provide a team of loading and unloading assistants as well as a set-up team before and after the concert (2-4 people).
  9. The air temperature on stage/the concert area cannot be below 18 or above 25 degrees Celsius. Accordingly, the presence of specific stage fans is required if the temperature is different than the required one.


  1. The group requires one or two rooms not accessible by the audience (backstage). These rooms have to be in the same building as the stage and each of them has to have appropriate lighting, mirrors, functioning air conditioning or a functioning heater (depending on the time of the year) and a separate, functioning rest room.
  2. The backstage area has to be located within an easily accessible distance from the stage and cannot be accessed through the auditorium.
  3. An hour before the performance, the backstage the group will have to be equipped with the following (calculated for 6-10 people):
    tea, coffee, lemons, cream, mineral water, assorted sandwiches, fruit, bananas, apples, oranges, pears, grapes, kiwis, new towels, paper napkins, an iron and an ironing board.

§ 8. Security

  1. The organizers are responsible for the lead singer’s, the musicians’, the instruments’ and equipment’s safety throughout the whole time of the group’s stay and during the concert.

§ 9. Visa issues:

  1. If your city is located outside of Germany, you will have to take care of all necessary steps such as visa support, financing and the issuing of visa documents, invitations and any other documents required by local legislation or immigration agencies. Similarly, the organizer has to pay for any tariffs, overheads, agency and airfare fees.


  1. Non-compliance to technical requirements, accommodation arrangements (hotel class, number of rooms, food, transportation, security, passage) discussed in the rider will lead to a cancellation of the concert. Moreover, if the group already received a deposit payment, it will remain with the group as compensation.
  2. The concert can be cancelled due to any major unpredicted occurrence, including but not limited to war or war operations, natural disasters, disruption of transportation or due to any other reason outside of the group’s power reach. In this case the group is not responsible for the compensation of any losses or financial damage that arose for any of the parties as a result of the concert cancellation.

Special notes:

  1. Both sides agree to remain silent about all contractual details.

PS: With regard to all other matters the group relies on the organizers’ integrity. :)

Thanks a lot in advance!

«DIMA SIROTA & Exklusive ShowBand» - Team


Dimitri Syrota

Igelweg 26
40885 Ratingen

Büro:+49 (0) 2102 1457035
Mobil-1: +49 (0) 177-466-1223
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(Mo-Fr 10:00 bis 22:00 Uhr, So 13:00 bis 20:00)
Email: dimasyrota@gmail.com
Web: www.dimasirota.com

Steuer-Nr: 105/5274/2104


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Dimitri Syrota
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Contact information

Your name and last name

Phone number


Date of event

Place of event



Musicians – vocals

Number of singers:



Musicians – instrumental

Which musical instruments do you prefer?

Host / tamada

Language of event


Presence of a DJ at your party:

Music style:


Show Program

Do you wish for an additional show program?

Show style:



This will help us to pick the best offer for you.


Thank you for showing your interest for our music project
«Dima Sirota & exclusive show band»

This questionnaire helps us to define your tastes,
preferences and possibilities more precisely.

For more detailed information contact us via phone